When SAMHone Speaks #5

When SAHMone Speaks

When you were younger, did you set an ideal age to marry? Yes, I did! When I was young, I thought life would be very easy. I need to finish school, find a good work, find a good man then marry at the age of 25. But it didn’t happen. I got pregnant right after graduation but before the board exam. I did not pass the board exam but I found a work, but before I gave birth I resigned. I didn’t marry the father of my son because I feel that I am not yet ready and plunging into marriage just because I am pregnant is not right. I do not marry for the wrong reasons, you see. But still, I did not regret my decisions. I am happy right now, with my son, with what I have. Maybe someday, I will marry. But for now, I am happy being a single mom.

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