Where Will You Celebrate your New Year’s Eve?

Where do you usually celebrate your New Year’s Eve? Most Filipino celebrates the New Year’s Eve in their homes with their families after the New Year’s Eve mass. But some couple and family that can afford to celebrate it somewhere else would prefer to celebrate their New Year’s Eve in Times Square. Why in Times Square, you’d ask? Because New York City’s Times Square has always been the centre in celebrating every New Year. Other people also celebrate their New Year’s Eve in vacation/tourist spots with their family and friends. But let me focus on the first choice first.

Times Square New Year’s Eve is always in high spirits. People are elated to celebrate their New Year in a place where everyone is having FUN. Preparing for that vacation in the Big Apple is not easy; you seek that perfect online company that can provide you with the best offer with the lowest prices. Aren’t you glad that you can check out all the possible choices and read reviews from people who have experienced it? You want to experience NYC Times Square Ball Drop with your family, doing the countdown and waiting for the fireworks in the best possible way.

Book early to avoid the holiday rush, check out and compare prices and freebies to enjoy fully your money’s worth and prepare all the things that you need ahead of time. New Year’s Eve is that time of the year that you leave all your bad memories behind and welcome the “New Year” with a new “you” and hoping for a bountiful and joyous year ahead of you.

15 thoughts on “Where Will You Celebrate your New Year’s Eve?

  1. i have always dreamed of spending my new year’s eve at the Times Square. I wish I could witness that countdown and that balldrop! Meantime, I will just have to enjoy that sight in movies. 🙂

  2. I always wanted to celebrate new years eve somewhere out of the country like Singapore and Hongkong…but as what you’ve said, tayong mga Pinoy..we love to stay at home during new year..

  3. My family and i also usually celebrate new year’s eve at our house we having fun.this is the time that family is more important it’s happy when u celebrate at the house.

  4. it’d be wonderful to experience new year in new york… it’s not that the season and the place almost sounds the same lol

    but too see a lot of people gathered in one place at the same time to celebrate new year? it’d be awesome!


  5. We usually celebrate it at home t be safe though we watch the ball drop on TV. I still wanted to go the city where I can witness the dropping of all on New Year’s Eve but my husband’s job schedule really depends and dragging the two kids with snow or chilly night is not fun at all. We just watch it on TV instead 🙂

  6. New Year’s Eve agad, di ba pwedeng Christmas muna? LOL. :)) Joke lang! 😀 hahaha

    We often spend New Year’s over at my side of the family because we spend Christmas with my in laws.. 😛

    This year however, the husband and I are hoping to go out of the country for the New Year’s, hoping the budget will permit us to though.. 😛

  7. Oh never know about time square before. Back in Philippines new years eve must be celebrated with the family. But here in UK it is indeed a time to party, clubbing and going out with friends. Christmas, on the other hand, is their family even of the year. So, the coming new year, I might celebrate it with my family, don’t know yet. Maybe with friends too. But whatever everyone decide it has to be something fun or memorable, right?

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