Why am I blogging?

Why am I blogging?

I’ve been blogging for more than six months now; I have started in WordPress and created a Blogspot, and now this one, a dotcom. The main reason why I started blogging was when I joined an online contest and in order to qualify or gain more points, the contestant should have a blog. It was the only main reason back then, I kept on visiting Boy-Kuripot’s blog site for more contests to join and well, I won in some and lose in some.

However there is something that keeps bugging me, my blogging friends that I met in my WordPress blog doesn’t visit my Blogspot blog, and my blogging friends in my Blogspot blog doesn’t even know I have a WordPress blog. My WordPress blog is called Jongskie’s blog; it is a Tagalog blog about my rants and whines that only Filipinos could understand. But in there I also posted why I love being a Filipino and what are the reasons why I love my country, the Philippines. My Blogspot blog is called LuckyZoan, it is a blog about contests that I have joined, about my winnings, about Memes that I am a member of, about life in general.

But in this dotcom that I own now, I want something more than contests, more than ramblings, I want to write something not only on how life affects me, but how the world changes before my and your eyes. And for starters I am thinking of challenging every Filipino bloggers out there to write something good and great about our country, about our culture, about our history. Let us all be patriots.


  1. joy says:

    Glad to hear about how you start blogging. Blogging is fun! I started blogging because of friends told me I could monetize it. I think this way you can also learn new things as well as make new friends. I love joining giveaways too and contests, they’re indeed very addicting once you had won.

  2. Adin U. Blankenship says:

    Someone leaving in the Philippines that would write about the country, travels and tourist spots in Pinas and the good and the bad of the Pinas would be of a great blog. I am sure a lot of people from out of the country would be curious and would want to know things about Philippines. That would be awesome! I am a Filipinol, but I have not been to a lot of places in Pinas when I was still there. I would love to know more of the safe places to visit, explore and enjoy Philippines. 🙂

  3. Genny says:

    Blogging is addicting my dear. When I first started blogging back 2007 I only have 2 blogs but I am not the one who started it was a friend of mine. Now I own 40+ sites but some are already distributed to my friends who wants a blog…

  4. Mel Cole says:

    Yay, congratulations on your blogging career sis. I usually mix Philippine stuff in all of my blogs. If I were living there, I would definitely blog a lot about Philippines.

  5. jheylo says:

    i didnt even realize that you are a newbie 🙂 well, welcome to our blogging world. Through blogging you will learn and acquire a lot of things including friendship from around the globe… as for me, i’ve been doing this for 7 years now and it’s fun 😀

  6. rj's mama says:

    i got confused there for a minute, i have been visiting this blog for years but you said in your post you’ve only been blogging for six months 🙂 good thing the URL has the date 🙂

    I’ve written more complains than showing my pride as a Filipino on my blogs. I guess I have to write more good stuffs about the country since there are really a lot of good stuffs to write about.

  7. Chie says:

    Everyone really has different stories and reasons how and why they started blogging. Ok sad imo main ba to join contests and little did you know you started earning na.

  8. shela says:

    Blogging makes you feel you are great, find new friends and enhanced your talent and skill to write about everything you can think of 🙂 Welcome to the blogging word!!!

  9. emzkie says:

    for me.. blogging is a one way to express myself. it used to be just a blog like a journal and when i learned about blogging for money.. i say why not? its good to earn something we love to do.

  10. jared's mum says:

    writing about the Philippines sounds like a very great idea. i actually started with my corner of the country by featuring a little something about my province on my travel blog 🙂

    when asked why i blog, apart from obvious reasons, i blog to keep my sanity 🙂

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