Why I’m the Best Mom Ever


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I am the best mom ever because even though I got pregnant out of wedlock, abortion didn’t cross my mind. Instead I welcomed my son into my life, took care of myself as I should in order to give my son the best gift I could give, a very healthy life when he was born. Most young women who gets pregnant tried to abort their child in order to avoid the responsibilities and the shame, but I faced them and stood upon it all.

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  1. indeed to be a best mom :). Yeah your right most of young women who get pregnant they do abortion to avoid responsiblities and shame. For me when I was teenage I avoid to get sex with my bf. I dont mean it is bad but that is my way to avoid to be pregnant and I tell my self that I will walk in the altar with virginity. I am not saying that those girl who lose their virginity early is bad. it just how I wants.

  2. yes sis. Prevention is always better. If I can turn back the time, I would. These days, I Try to c0nvince and influence teenagers that they should be responsible. Dahil hindi madali ang teenage pregnancy and the likes. Sometimes kc,they take the easy way out. And solving a problem with another problem wont solve it.

  3. we are the best moms in our own ways.. I admire you because you didn’t freaked like most of women who accidentally got pregnant. Babies are indeed blessings, they’re such a joy to spend time with. Kudos to us..

  4. Same here, my Kyla was born out of marriage and though her father and I doesn’t get along … still happy seeing Kyla growing so pretty and charming. Happy Mother’s Day

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