I hate to say this, but my Mom loves watching Willing-Willie on TV5. We didn’t have TV5 in our Cable before and we ordered to have it in order for my mom to watch Willie when he jumps from ABS-CBN to TV5.

I really, really, really, HATE Willie ever since he mock Sucaldito at ABS-CBN’s Wowowee show. I mean, hey, he’s way over his head. He thinks he is God and he thinks he can make a change in every poor person in the Philippines who believes in him. And every time my mom watches Willing-Willie, I had no choice but to watch it too unless I sleep outside. I hate Willie. For the reason that he is using the people for his popularity, for his fame and fortune, for his own motives. Those people who are lining in order to get a shot of a lifetime and maybe WIN a house and lot, car and 1 million pesos are so crazy that they just do anything even showing and telling the world that they have a broken family, that their husband are sleeping with another woman and that their father has left them for another woman, or that they are just too poor to go to college and that they cannot even afford to buy a fine dinner for the whole family. Willie is rubbing insult to injury. These people weren’t told to say those things out loud but they just do in order to get 3000 or 5000php from the show. But then again, who am I to oppose Willie? I am just nobody. A nobody who cares. These children should not be used by their parents to gain money. I pity those who let their children join contests in Willing-Willie, because the show oppresses them.

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