Writing Skills

From the time I have learned what “essay” means, I detested it. Why? Because I don’t consider myself an intelligent being who can form a story or an article out of different words that is scattered everywhere. Yes, I don’t know if it is just me, but I am not confident of my knowledge with regards to English grammar and composition. I have never failed any English subject when I was in high school and in college, I have great grades with the subject but I still think that the way I write couldn’t be called a very good write-up.

And then, there is blogging, I started through my native tongue, Tagalog but I realized that I need to write some articles in English too. At first, I am hesitant but now I love it. Maybe my English writing skills just needs a little practice. So here I am, bear with me, as I write and you read.

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  1. It’s hard really considering English is not our native language. There are words we know in Tagalog but we cannot fully express well in English. But there is a saying “Practice makes perfect”. 😀

    1. yeah, You are right JOsie 🙂 remember Venus Raj? she tried to express in English the word Bonggang-bongga through saying Major-major! 🙂 kasi tayong mga Pinoy pag inulit ang mga words parang mas may effect katulad ng sobra-sobrang mahal kita, marami-rami na akong naipon at iba pa :))

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